Northern Beaches Council is pleased to once again sponsor the Sustainability Award as part of the Northern Beaches Local Business Awards. This awards builds upon Council’s Sustainability Business Network and work to promote sustainable best practice across our business community.
This award aims to recognise the achievements of local businesses in practising and promoting sustainable practices that contribute to a more liveable and healthy city.
Sustainability is about more than just our natural environment. Sustainability is related to the quality of life in a community. Sustainability means that the economic, social, environmental and cultural systems are providing a healthy, productive, meaningful life for all the community - present and future.
Local businesses nominating for this award must demonstrate the integration of sustainability practices to their business planning, operations and marketing and may include but not be limited to:

Reduction in energy use
Example: Turn off unused appliances, use natural or energy efficient lighting, open windows instead of using the air-conditioner.
Reduction in water use
Example: Use AAA rated taps, dual flush toilets, don’t leave taps running unnecessarily, capture greywater to water gardens or plants.
Reduction in waste sent to landfill
Example: Recycle all paper/cardboard, bottles, cans and plastics, compost food/organic scraps.
Environmentally friendly materials, supplier products and services
Example: Products are made from recycled materials, or help improve the sustainability of individuals or businesses.
Environmentally friendly building/building systems
Example: Have installed rainwater tanks, insulated walls and ceilings, use of recycled or environmentally friendly products in building.
Partnerships with community sectors
Example: Sponsor school or community events.
Family friendly
Example: Flexible working hours and conditions for staff.
Ethical business practices/investments
Example: Customer receives product or services as advertised, products are made in factories where a fair wage is paid.
Sustainable Transport
Example: Transport access for customers and employees and initiatives that support carpooling, bicycle use, including bicycle racks,
staff showers, bus ticket discounts.



Applications must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 9th May, 2017
Please send your application to Northern Beaches Sustainability Award -
PO Box H211, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193 or fax to 02 8577 5066 or
email to