We would like to thank all who joined and supported Mona Vale Market Day 2017!


Market Day was a successful and enjoyable event for all! Even the weather wasn't a strong enough force to knock out the success of the event!

The day started out with heavy rain, but thanks to all stallholders who pushed through with their set up and remained steadfast in the midst of the rain, Market Day prevailed.

The market was full of spectacular buys and great food. By midday the park was filled with people visiting the stalls, kids enjoying the amusements and music enlivening the area.

Renata Phegan, Ritzyrocks stallholder, praised the event saying,

      "It was a shame about the weather but we set up in the rain, as I believe that if one commits to a market you should at least show up. We set up and to tell you the truth, I am certainly glad that I did. I had many customers who came specifically to see me as I had advertised in the Pittwater Life Magazine for November saying that I would be at Mona Vale Market Day. All in all it ended up a good day. The organising was good and the oval held up to it. I look forward to next year."

Thank you to all the stallholders, partners and chamber members who supported Market Day 2017!

We would also like to give a special thanks to our sponsor Property Advisory Services.

Market Day was such a memorable event for the Chamber and we all look forward to our next events with you!