This Accommodation category is a Key element of the structural plan for the Mona Vale Hub (MVH)

Northern Beaches has arguably the best natural resource amenity with our Beaches and Pittwater, National Parks, Nature habitats and lifestyle environment.  The MVH plan is to facilitate visits and longer stays to our region to help serve and increase substantially the demand of our business' markets.

The availability of high grade accommodation and tourist parks is established but is limited in Northern Beaches given the areas potential with safe, easy access and well developed environment spaces.

Consideration of development land in for example, Warriewood and Warriewood Valley is ideally suited for investment in resort facilities and for business accommodation for events type use. Other forms of services for mobile travellers should attract provision for space and investment that could include the Belrose corridor with easy access and a clean coastal environment linked to sports, adventure and sightseeing.

Mona Vale Chamber is helping member businesses with innovation in initiatives and leadership to build structural resources for economic and community benefit as a essential dynamic for the area.

Please provide your feedback (link to contact page) and contribution to inform businesses of your needs and willingness to support the initiatives of Mona Vale Chamber.