As a business owner or operator, you can benefit from increased customer contact by forming alliances with local businesses. Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce liaises with Pittwater Council, and statutory and community bodies on behalf of its members. You can share ideas to promote and grow your business while working together to promote, protect and grow our unique environment.

Additionally you can harness the power of business in NSW by automatically becoming a member of NSW Business Chamber at no cost to your business, gaining access to a range of services from NSW Business Chamber in addition to your local chamber benefits, including:

  • Business Vitality Check,
  • Workplace Info and Workplace OHS
  • Workplace Advice Line,
  • Ask Us How library access,
  • Online business directory
  • Discounts on specialist services (marketing consultancy for example) etc…
  • Be informed
  • Make a difference
  • Committee Involvement
  • Referrals
  • Connecting
  • Business Advocacy
  • Build our community
  • Make money
  • Professional development

Accessing these benefits, with an estimated market value of $1,100.00, for a fraction of that cost, means that joining the Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce makes financial sense.