CASH grants and a tourism advertising campaign could be among a suite of measures launched to help COVID lockdown impacted business on the northern beaches.

The lockdowns may have only lasted for a few weeks, but the impacts are still being felt, with summer the peak period for many businesses.

An announcement is expected in the next few days from the NSW Government, including measures to help businesses left struggling.

"The small business commissioner did put forward some ideas and they are being discussed and I'm really happy because normally government acts much more slowly. There will be more support," Pittwater MP Rob Stokes said.

"The centrepiece is Dine and Discover because the best thing we can do is try and bring the demand and bring the foot traffic back, that's the biggest thing government can do."

But he flagged there could be other support.

Cash grants could deal with things like the complete collapse in cash flow and revenue.

Pittwater MP Rob Stokes

"Cash grants could deal with things like the complete collapse in cash flow and revenue over that period," he said. "That's the sort of model that I think would make a bit of sense to look at some sort of cash grants, but to be honest they can't be huge because it's taxpayers' money, but they clearly need to be something".

"The other thing that really came out was what can we do to reduce the stigma of the Beaches? That's reasonably cost-efficient because you can have a campaign that helps everyone at the same time."

Mr Stokes said he does not think that compensation packages would be offered "because for some businesses that would be hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars".

"I get where the treasurer is coming from, whatever he does here will become the precedent for everywhere else," he said. "The irony is what small businesses want more than anything is lower taxes, and you can't lower taxes if you're giving out lots of money all the time, you've got to balance those things."

The pending support package announcement comes following a visit by NSW Small Business Commissioner Chris Lamont to the Beaches last month where he held a series of sessions to hear from business owners who were suffering since the lockdowns. Some said they were weeks away from having to throw it all in, others pleaded for support to keep their doors open.