Sue Sparke - President and Vice President

Sue is first and foremost a mother to three sons and a carer for her mother.  Sue is a Registered Tax Agent and Accountant with a long term practice specialising on personal, SME and investment clientele.

Sue has a long history in Small Business with a strong penchant for business management including conducting financial accounting, workers entitlements, insurance, Government regulatory compliance and reporting through to customer relations.   On top of a vibrant Tax Agent practice, Sue has always competently  managed a variety of  businesses ranging from Water Industry goods and services, mineral exploration plays and increasingly administering development of high technology business in IoT for industrial and environmental automation in Operational Technology networks.

Sue is also a driver of strategic outlooks, key stakeholder engagement and transformational change with digital systems and outsourced services, with a strong understanding of change management for the future of Business.

In all facets of Sue's capability and busy involvement, Sue has built a strong relationship based clientele in a number of spheres.  Sues other interest is in her grandchildren and music.  Sue is a long term participant in a local Acapella Choir for Woman. (Australia's Got Talent finalist 2019) and with everything she does Sue is relied upon for voluntary support roles.

With experience and understanding of systemised business processes and customer relations, Sue has the skill set and capacity to contribute competent and driven leadership for the Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce.   With four years of active hands-on as an Executive member, Sue has demonstrated adept capability at membership development, event deliverables and sustaining scarce resources.  Through unexpected circumstances Sue is the President of an expanding and increasingly influential Local Chamber of Commerce from her short leadership with an important role to play in the Local Community.