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Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce has History

The story of our History is being written up at present, including the good, the bad and the ugly (recent amalgamation saga that brings us to this substantial remodeling of our Association).   Like the businesses we represent, all things are constantly in a state of change and no more so than with the global pandemic disruptor.

Our Foundation Presidents have much of the events and achievements locked in their memories that the Chamber is now working to document, so we can celebrate all that we have done and our members have achieved since our inception in 2010.

Watch this space as a Work-in-Progress.

Martin Alfonso

Foundation President

Aaron Hendrikson

Foundation President

Simon Dunn

Foundation President

Chris Kavanagh

Past President

Sue Sparke

Current President

The start of a Lockdown Business Strategy

Every business is trying to ride the wave of the economic recovery, ideally while still operating during lockdown or subsequently after lockdown, that has been unprecedented disruptions.  This has become the new norm for business to address.

Whether your business is in the range between successful or as a startup,  success is not just by chance but comes down to a few core things:
- your business model
- industry intelligence to help form your decisions
- key market influence strategy
- smart and targeted investment in your business
and equally important, by connecting with the 'Local' Business Community Association as a place demonstrating leadership, capability, insights, opportunity and support {see Deal Flows - link here}.

Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) is a key part of the Business and Community Hub of Northern Beaches for a region defined broadly by the Mackellar Electorate for member business, collaborating enterprises and key stakeholders servicing our market for you to get to know.  Our Chamber offers simplified and welcoming membership where our services necessarily are buy-in services representing least cost of procurement, typically as a prudent investment for every business.   Our Chamber also relies on Business feedback and resolution of challenges on any issue by listening to members, seeking professional advice where requested and necessarily make a judgement on the merits for the whole of the Business Community we represent. The investment in membership and events of our Chamber should not be seen as diving to the lowest cost of quality services our Chamber offers but recognising the value and resilience that the Chamber will deliver over time for the buy-in investments you make, just like every other business decision you conduct to develop your business.

The new norm of business does include disruption, fast pace and alternate approaches that need to be factored into strategies and preparations for the future of member businesses.   There is a revolution occurring involving digital transformations to handle autonomous and back-end processes, allowing Business Owners to focus on doing-the-business for their specialty.   Our Chamber is also improving our systems to remain agile and to understand the applications and processes that we can share, that can help you access or develop all those essential processes to allow you better time management and workflows to focus on opening up market opportunities and performance for you to strengthen your business.  On any help sought from the Chamber to achieving these metrics, your Business Community Association has done its job.

Welfare issues have become a substantial cause of concern in the Business forums we attend, however Business owners have not achieved for their businesses other than being entrepreneurial and with drive towards the goals and opportunities they have embraced and achieved in the past. The present challenged Business landscape will improve and your business will be stronger with good preparation and collaborative support the Chamber aims to provide from a well resourced Association and stakeholder active engagement for the 'local' Business Community.

Our Chamber wish to provide a range of common services, delivered through well attended events aimed at giving back support and uplifting outlooks with new channels to get your business through its owners and employees back on track, by delivering new knowledge, insight and requested contribution. The welfare contributions can for example, support some of the concerns of Business Owners where they are on their own locked down at the new 'Home Office'.  Our Chamber offers support to all businesses in a valuable way often with guidance, access to or identification of resources, leadership and with collaborative insights that may be available for your business to request.

After all, it is your Business where its success and strength comes down to the choices you make and the preparations you have set inplace like:
- having the right people or access to contractors for what is needed to be in place especially for innovation and scale {see Talent Pool - link here}
- having the tools to conduct business or grow a business with what is needed to be more resilient {see Contributions - link here}
- digital transformations for businesses of the future - increasingly automated processes to save time that is better spent 'working-on-the-business'
- have a strong connected industry or market channel and product offerings to be prepared to meet market demand {see Connections/Mentors - link here}

Our Chamber is showing that it is looking to the future for helping provide member business different resources for you to strengthen and be a resilient business as a business of the future that is a part of our FutureNB plan.

Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce was reformed on 26 May 2010, was registered as incorporated association on 29 June 2010 and exists to promote and protect the trade, commerce, industries and tourism of Mona Vale and its immediate surrounds.

Contemporary business outlook and market circumstances have and are changing constantly. Traditionally our approach was to proclaim our mission like:

  • Create memorable business oriented Chamber events as a normal part of the Mona Vale community calendar.
  • Inspire Government decision-makers to consult with the Chamber in as many of their community decisions as possible.
  • Give each member of the Chamber the opportunity to contribute and share in the Chamber’s success.
  • Conduct all business dealings in a moral and ethical manner.

To achieve our mission we aim to:

  • Provide a common voice for raising business issues with Local and State Governments.
  • Enable State and Local Government to more easily reach the business community with initiatives.
  • Create and sponsor local events that bring a diverse range of local businesses together regularly.
  • Encourage all local businesses to join in and build diversity in our membership as our greatest asset.

Be a resource and knowledge base for local business involvement with the Mona Vale Community.

In July 2011, the Mona Vale Chamber joined the NSW Business Chamber’s Local Chamber Alliance Program in order to provide a greater range of benefits to its members. Members of the Mona Vale Chamber can access a wide variety of business advice and support services provided by the NSW Business Chamber to Local Chamber members across NSW. Among the benefits offered by the chamber to its members include:

  • Workplace Info and Workplace OHS
  • Workplace Advice Line
  • Ask Us How library access
  • Online business directory
  • Discounts on specialist services (marketing consultancy for example) etc..
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