Tourism operators are the lifeblood of the Tourism Industry.  Operators make tours come to life, showcase the best of our amenities and gladhand our visitors to maximise their day trip or extended stay in our region.

The Chamber is driving the demands for stakeholder upgrade of our facilities for visitors as well as our Local community.  Tourism is a strong demand market for our Members that the Chamber can advocate and help deliver.  Our stakeholder meetings provide the Chamber through the President or Division representative(s) to guide the approach and shape the deliverables that support our Members.  The Chamber sponsorship option can also be utilised that will create opportunities and potential for indirect facilitation from promotion and targeted drivers.

Every Tourism Division Member benefits so get on the feedback form and give us your needs and wants, then support the efforts so beneficial outcomes occur.  We love to see progress and performance especially where our tourism amenities are the best of the best.  The Chamber is confident that with well structured programs and product, pent-up demand will be a different issue to have to deal with!