Web development

One of the challenges for business is having reliable and at-call website technical support options to make those changes as you need them.  It is commonly agreed that up to date content is critical to a search engine driven high-traffic website.

The Chamber recognises the value and support needed for having an available repair and update service for websites to avoid business disruptions. The Chamber can provide update services options for some common content management systems (CMS) and technical issues or development however requested as set-out below:

A Website presentation and its function are determined by the Member Business.  This Chamber  offered service is intended as a critical recovery service to get particular website CMS online and accessible in the first place and secondly for development to the specification and functional description provided by the Member Service. 

WordPress is the most common, free CMS with a high level of functionality that can be readily configured inside the platform.  The Chamber website is run on WordPress.  Magento is another free CMS that is highly effective typically considered for higher level functions and integration.

WordPress and Magento technical support and content loading services can be obtained through the Chamber as a single payment service for 4 hour block or a longer term project for 8 hour recurring daily paid service.  Website credentials for administration level access need to be provided to conduct the Service, where passwords can be renewed after hand-over following the services provided.

The two levels of service can be  obtained as follows:

  • A short term servicing contract (STC) for typically 24-48 hour delivery@$70.00 per hour plus GST for recovery or minor adjustments.  Details of changes require a full outline of the scope of up to two pages for integration issue(s) to be addressed or up to 4 screen shots of the relevant website operational or performance issue for correction. This service option is for a 4 hour block with pre-payment for the specified STC service that can be booked on the Chamber website shop.  If the procurement is beyond the scope of a STC, a separate service will be required.
  • A project development contract (PDC) for a functional plug-in or a task integration is typically as a weekly delivery @$60.00 per hour plus GST for a 20 hour block, requires a functional specification fully detailed to accompany the project request.  This service type can be booked on the Chamber website shop.

Special programming

With a view to improve business performance, a website can be specially programmed to better accomplish functions that perform automated processes.  A highly developed website can be your businesses ultimate tool with a development design tailored to your business model.  As well as automation of back-end processes integration of applications, plug-ins and content highlights, the value of specialised programming for your Business Website  can provide an additional level of  competitive advantage for any business.

The Chamber has the available resources with on-call highly experienced programmers and optimisation technicians.

A longer term contracted Service can be agreed for your needs.

  • This project level development is typically as a monthly delivery @$ 50.00 per hour plus GST for a minimum 100 hour block,