Reports noted the ongoing economic impacts of the Health Orders, including on the ability of businesses to pay rent.

The mediation services offered by the NSW Small Business Commission may be of significant benefit to small businesses involved in a COVID-related business dispute during this difficult time, particularly those businesses in dispute over a retail or commercial lease.

The Commission’s mediation services are available to both business operators and the property owners and managers (lessors) of business premises.

Mediation services are managed in a neutral and confidential manner. The Commission can assist at any stage of a dispute, helping those involved to address key issues and find solutions.
Services provided by the Commission include:

  • Confidential support and guidance on obligations under leases
    • Analysis of opportunities under the current lease to negotiate suitable amendments
    • Advice to understand and assess the best strategic options in the short, medium and long-term

The Commission offers nationally accredited, impartial mediators who will help both parties understand and assess the realistic commercial options that are available to them.
There is no application fee, and mediation is a highly cost-effective approach to resolving matters that may seem impossible to resolve.

Tenants, lessors, legal advisors, and agents can contact the Commission through our website or on 1300 795 534 for preliminary advice and assistance.

An application for mediation is also available through the Commission website and is a simple first step for anyone having difficulty communicating effectively with the other party in a dispute.

For further information on our mediation services, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Miller, Director of Mediation Services at